I’ve always been more of a visual girl than a words girl but for those who don’t know me – HELLO!
I’m 28. I live in Perth, Australia. PTD started in 2014. I have a  degree in Creative Advertising and Graphic Design from Curtin University. The PTD team consists of just me, for now. 

I am a sucker for imperfect calligraphy, luxury print techniques, textured paper stocks and monochrome details. It is in beautiful paper stocks and specialty print that I believe the character and personality of a design can really shine.

I’m left handed. I love my own space. I enjoy choccy almonds, warm evenings, drinking wine and sleeping in.

My last name is pronounced too-zay. My heritage is Dutch, my parents were born in South Africa and I was born in Australia. I travel a lot. It has been a big part of my childhood with our family being spread all over the world. My parents have always taught me the value in travel. My favourite country thus far is Italy.

Typography and illustration are my strengths. I try to incorporate these two aspects of design into every job to push my creativity and be as unique as possible.
I am a little OCD when it comes to organisation. My wardrobe may or may not be colour coded.. I am a perfectionist.

I absolutely LOVE what I do. I am so blessed that I get to call my hobby a job. I am forever grateful for social media platforms that allow me to share my passion with the world, and for the encouragement and support I receive back, so THANK YOU!

For questions, quotes and collaborations, please see my contact page!


P R O D U C T S  A V A I L A B L E 

No Issue Co   Bianko

F E A T U R E D  O N

Nouba   To The Aisle   Hooray Mag   No Issue Co   Perth Is OK

A V A I L A B L E  W O R L D W I D E

I am so blessed to be able to work with clients all over the world. Below are some of the places my work has travelled to!