T E A Z E  T O W E L S

In my last semester of university I decided to take up a screen printing class. Never having done screen printing before, I was excited to learn. It turned out to be one of my most favourite units during my degree! The outcomes were great, and the overall process was an awesome experience.

As part of the unit you had to create your own brand and determine the target market. I decided to call my brand ‘Teaze’ – (an anagram of my name Paige Tuzee) and used the name as the inspiration behind the concept. The brand’s theme was retro / vintage which is evident through out all aspects of the design. My concept was to create a bunch of ‘characterised foods’ drawn with seductive body language as if they were a tease. The aim of the brand is to act as a tease but in a kitchen environment. The brand is family friendly – the adults will get the seductive tone of voice but the kids will just see it as a funny character.

July 2014

Teaze Towels logo


meet the Teaze Towels team !

product mockups

Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset       X

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